Sky Calendar

Astrology software Sky Calendar, version 3 - new

Designed for Windows XP, Vista or 7
License: shareware (it means at first download, install, try and if you like it, pay)

The main features of Sky Calendar:

Natal, tranzit/forecast and synastry/relationship charts
Secondary directions and many kinds of revolution (solar, lunar, soli-lunar and revolutions of planets)
Position of fixed stars, sensitive points, Vertex, Lilith (Black Moon), Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Chiron
Natal/radix horoscope readings (open astrological interpretation database for many kinds of interpretations, so you can fill your own texts)
Tibet-Chinese horoscope - new
Rises and sets of planets, planet distances, perigee, apogee, Moon phases and so on
Transits for time period
Women fertile days calculation (Lunar fertility cycle) - with help of an original method discovered by Slovak medical doctor Dr. Eugen Jonas - read more about this method and online calculation
Constellation search
Basic numerology with readings
Sabian and Hinduistic (Sepharial) symbols interpetation of zodiacal degrees
Summer daylight savings database for most of European countries (data for other countries can be added)
The installation is not necessary, you can run the software as a portable application (for example from a flash drive etc.) - new
... and others


See also: Natal horoscope reading example and Numerology reading example


You can download Sky Calendar as a compressed file (zip), then unzip into specific folder. Or download it installation file, which will lead you through the whole installation.

Compressed file:

File name:
File size: 2.33 MB
(Unpack the downloaded file into an empty folder and run SkyCal.exe)
Installation file:

File name: SkyCal3.exe
File size: 2.37 MB
(Run the downloaded file in your PC and follow installation program.)

If an error appears and Sky Calendar cannot start, right-click on program or its shortcut, choose "Run as administrator" in the menu (you need to have Administrator rights activated inside Windows).

See also: FAQ

Unregistered version restrictions:
All work can be done only for period of 2000 to 2020 years. (For 1800 to 2100 years in registered version.)
There are no other restrictions in unregistered version of Sky Calendar!

Please try this software and when you like it, you are welcomed to pay registration fee to enjoy all features included for 1800 to 2100 period.

Sky Calendar registration:

The new registration fee is 35 EUR.
Upgrade from any previous version is free!

Benefits of registration?
Working with any date from 1800 to 2100 year (2000 to 2020 in unregistered version).
Next edition of Sky Calendar at reasonable price or even next version free.

How to buy Sky Calendar?

You can make online secure payment by your credit or debit card through secured PayPal site or from your PayPal account.

I will send you your registration key, to e-mail address provided, at least next day (but usually it can be sooner).


Zdenek Pazdera
Zamek 178
25786 Milicin
Czech Republic
English version:
Dana Hermanova
Email: aaxprojekt(at)

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