Zdeněk Pazdera
Miličín 178
25786 Miličín
Czech Republic

Translation to English:
Dana Hermanová (web) and Tereza Pazderová


Why do I need to know your personal information (address and email)?
  • The license for the Sky Calendar program is not published anonymously, but always for a specific person.
  • If you are already a Sky Calendar legal user and are interested in a newer version at a discounted price in the future, then the personal information you provide will be used to verify that you are eligible for this discounted program.
  • From time to time, you may receive mail from me, for example, with a special offer, a description of the new features of the program, and so on.

To whom do I pass your personal information?
  • Recipients of your personal data may be financial authorities or other competent authorities where generally binding legal regulations impose them.
  • I will not pass on your personal information to anyone else.

You have the right to:
  • Correct your personal information.
  • You can ask me to send you what personal information I have about you.
  • And you can also ask me to remove your personal data from the records.
  • Please send your requests for correction, deletion or extract from the personal data register to the contact e-mail:


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