Sky Calendar - FAQ

Sky calendar cannot be downloaded (Windows).

In this case, verify that you are not prohibited from downloading programs from the Internet on Windows.

Click in the lower right corner (Notifications area) in Windows and select All settings:

Next, select Updates & Security:

Next, click Windows Security:

Next Virus & threat protection:

And in the next window, select App & browser control:

Check here if you have Block turned on for any of the items If so, change it to Warn.
And now try downloading the Sky Calendar again.
If that doesn't help, please check if the download is blocking your antivirus program, etc.
Also, see the Sky Calendar cannot be started (Windows) and try the steps out there.


Sky Calendar cannot be installed (Windows).

It is likely that the following window will appear when you try to run the downloaded Sky Calendar installation file:

This is a Windows preventive warning that you are trying to run a file type that could be potentially dangerous. But since the Sky Calendar is not dangerous, click More info in this window and then click Run anyway.
Then the installation should run smoothly.


Sky Calendar cannot be started (Windows).

If you have successfully downloaded and installed the Sky Calendar and then do not run (or report an error), then verify that you are not banned from running applications downloaded from the Internet.
Click in the lower right corner (Notifications area) in Windows and select All Settings:

Now select Apps:

And in the next window, under Apps & features and make sure you are not checked Allow apps from Store only:

If you still can't start the Sky Calendar, try Run as administrator by right-clicking it and selecting Run as administrator from the menu as shown in the following image:

If this does not lead to success, please make sure that the Sky Calendar does not block your antivirus program, etc.


Install the Sky Calendar on MacOS (Mac).

Because MacOS is trying to protect you from accidentally installing unknown and potentially harmful applications, you need to take a few simple steps to tell your Mac that the Sky Calendar is a harmless application that you trust before you start your Sky Calendar for the first time.

If you have macOS Catalina, read the instructions below. Otherwise, follow these steps:
  1. Launch the Finder to open the folder where you downloaded the Sky Calendar (usually the Downloads folder).
  2. Unzip the downloaded file to create
  3. Move the file (still in the Finder) to the Applications folder.
  4. Switch to Applications.
  5. In the application list, find the file you just copied.
  6. Hold CTRL while double-clicking This window should appear:
  7. Click Open. Then the Sky Calendar should start.
  8. From now on, your Mac will work with Sky Calendar like any other program.
Recommended installation procedure for macOS Catalina:
  1. Download the Sky Calendar installation file to a completely different computer (it can also be a Windows computer).
  2. On this computer, unzip the downloaded zip file to create the folder.
  3. Copy this folder to a flash drive, for example, and then connect it to your Mac.
  4. On the Mac, copy the folder from the flash drive to the Applications folder in the Finder.
  5. Hold down the CTRL key and click
  6. Select Run from the menu.