Natural regulation of conceiving by dr. Eugen JonasĀ“s method

ABC of this method is on this main predication: The woman is fertile in this moment, when the Moon is on the same phase as it was in the moment of her birth.

And how we can make the best of this method? We can use it for:

computing the days of fertility
computing the days of no fertility
making choice about gender of child
computing favourable moment for conceiving next child for women, whose pregnancy spontaneously aborted before or whose child was born handicapped.

Dates and notes needed, and using this method:

The fifteenth (15.) day after first day of your menstruation, marked this day as very green. We can say - full green. (For example, the menstruation started on 1rd January - the 15th day is the 16th January). This is the traditionally presumed day of ovulation.
Six (6) days before full-green day and 6 days after the full-green day marked green. You will get a 13-day ovulation term (days of natural fertility), which you mark by a green frame with central full-green day.
Computed day, in which the Moon will be on the same phase as it was in the moment of her birth. This day will be extremely fertile, we can mark it full red.
Three (3) days before full-red day, which give to us a 4-days red line (last of it is full-red) of fertility (astrologically computed).

For some purposes:

  1. Computing days of fertility for conceiving: When usually ovulation-temperature and so on methods were not successfull for conceiving. These red days of fertility are INDEPENDENT on monthly period of menstruation! For exploring these red days it seems best to timing conceiving-efforts 12 to 24 hours before final moment of the full-red day. This will give the best results. The most successfull day 100%100% for conceiving will be of course this one "full red" day laying on "full green day" or near it, but this kind of coincidence is rather rarely. So we must count on "red days" only.
  2. Computing no-fertile days: It will be useful for physical contraception in cases when modern-contraception methods are not eligible. So fertile days are all green days and all red days (and plus one day after full-red day too). It is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse on both the red days and green days.
  3. Dates and notes needed, and using this method: Some days of soli-lunar cycle are favourable most for boy-conception and other for girl-conception. These (boy or girl conceiving) days depend on the accuracy and the completeness of the mother-to-be's data. It is rather complicated and not accurate for the first child, but these computations for the next children or generally are possible too. If the Moon on the final moment for conception will be in positive sign (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius), the gender of this child will be BOY, in negative sign - it will be GIRL. But for gender selection are not recommended these days laying red on green. And furthermore, if the full-red day lays on some day during which the Moon is changing the sign, it will not give so sure results.
  4. Moment for conceiving healthy child: For women, whose pregnancy spontaneously aborted before or whose child was born handicapped, in case of having family running genetic disorders or disease too, experienced previous pregnancy complications and difficult labour ... It represents some hard astrological work for picking the red day with all favourable and fortunate astrological, transit and so on influences, on which day conceiving-efforts would be only recommended. You can find experienced astrologer for this special computations.

You can calculate your fertile days with Sky Calendar program!