Sky Calendar registration

The new registration fee is 39 EUR (or the equivalent amount in another currency).


If you purchased the Sky Calendar before 2022, registration fee is 18 EUR (in this case, please make the payment directly from the Sky Calendar via the PayPal site)
If you purchased the Sky Calendar in 2022 or later, the new version is free for you.

Benefits of registration?
  • Working with any date from 1601 to 3000 year (2010 to 2030 in unregistered version).
  • For at least one year, you will be eligible for future versions of the Sky Calendar for free, and of course you can use the latest free version for an unlimited time.

How to buy Sky Calendar?
  • You can make online secure payment by your credit or debit card through secured PayPal site or from your PayPal account.
    I will send you your registration key, to e-mail address provided, at least next day (but usually it can be sooner).

  • But the recommended payment method is this:

    1. Download and install the Sky Calendar.
    2. Try out the Sky Calendar thoroughly.
    3. And if you're happy with the Sky Calendar, pay via PayPal directly from it - the Sky Calendar will be activated immediately.

  • If you live in the EU and your currency is EUR, you can also pay by bank transfer.
    If your currency is not EUR, please use Paypal to pay (because in this case my bank charges fees higher than the Sky Calendar price!) - Thank you.

    Pay by bank transfer