Sky Calendar - What's new

News version 5.4 of March 20, 2024:
  • The program makes a new distinction between applying and separating aspects.
  • A detailed graphical analysis of aspects has been added.
  • Added option to disable calculation of selected aspects.

News version 5.3 of February 2, 2024:
  • The Aspect Charts feature has been added to display charts showing changes in the position (aspects, angles) of a selected transiting planet to an object from the native horoscope over a selected period.

Fixed version 5.22 of December 12, 2023:
  • The "Find constellation" function, which in the previous version of the program incorrectly calculated the moments of aspects for some combinations of planets, has been corrected.
  • The "One day" function, which did not work for dates before 1900 in the previous version of the program, was also fixed.

Fixed version 5.21 of November 13, 2023:
  • Fixed a bug that appeared in a special situation when Sky Calendar was running on macOS under Parallels Desktop.

News version 5.2 of November 8, 2023:
The following two tables have been added to the Summary function for native and "here and now" horoscopes:
  1. In the first one, for each object in the horoscope, it is indicated in detail in which sign and house type it is located (by quality, element, etc.).
  2. And in the second, for each of the basic planets (Sun to Pluto), it is clearly indicated whether it is in its own domicile, element, decan, fall, etc. (the table contains a total of 9 categories).

News version 5.1 of October 10, 2023:
  • The calculation of Firdaria has been completed.
  • The font size of the program has been slightly increased for better readability.
  • In connection with the increase of the font size, the layout of the elements on the "right" panels was also slightly rearranged so that "everything necessary fits there".
  • The program should now display correctly at screen scales higher than 100% and on 4k monitors.

News version 5.0 of June 23, 2023:
  • Any number of objects (planets, asteroids, points, stars...) can now be added to the horoscope, so the number of objects is no longer limited to 30, as it was in the previous version of the program.
  • Table and graph for parallels and contraparallels have been added.
  • An interactive table of aspects has been added (the list of aspects is displayed after hovering the mouse over an object in the horoscope).
  • A "One Day" feature has been added to display most of the astrologically significant constellations that will occur on the selected day on the timeline.
  • "Simple ephemeris" has been added to show the position table of multiple objects at the same time.
  • All ephemerides were supplemented with graphs showing the course of the selected quantity (longitude, declination, latitude, speed ...)
  • Most tables now allow you to display either only the objects shown in the horoscope (or the aspects used in the horoscope) or all objects (or aspects).
  • An all-in-one table has been added that contains all relevant data about all objects that the Sky Calendar can work with (195 in total).
  • In addition to GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMaps can now be used to enter new places.
  • The calculation of transit aspects per period has been refined to minutes.
  • Animations can now be triggered for all types of horoscopes, except partner horoscopes.
  • The program is automatically (after user approval) updated to a newer version, if available.
  • But overall, the program has been overhauled from the ground up, made faster in many ways, and hopefully made more user-friendly.

News version 4.9 of October 6, 2020:
  • Added a feature showing the detailed daily movement of the Sun across the sky (sunrises, sunsets, culminations, dawns, twilights, ...)
  • Added a calculator for calculations with different time variables.
  • Added a function to search for people's birthdays from the people database.

News version 4.8 of May 3, 2019:
  • The calculation of biorhythms has been added.
  • Degree symbols (Sabian and Hindu symbols) have been added to the window with detailed information about the selected object.
  • In the same window it is possible to make your own text notes about the selected object.

News version 4.7 of December 17, 2018:
  • The possibility to completely change the colours of the horoscope has been added, including the colour settings of individual objects (planets, etc.). At the same time it is possible to save any number of "color looks". The program includes five preset horoscope looks.

News version 4.4 of May 17, 2018:
  • A function to calculate the Celtic Tree Horoscope has been added.
  • When you right-click on any object in the horoscope drawing, a window with detailed information about that object will appear. The window contains details of the object's location, a list of aspects, and a listing of available interpretations of the constellations in which the selected object is located.

News version 4.1 of June 30, 2017:
  • A function has been added to list the interpretations of transit aspects for the selected period.
  • Animations of the native horoscope can be "stepped".

News version 4.0 of June 17, 2017:
  • The graphics and the way the horoscope is rendered have been completely redesigned, and various settings have been added to determine what should be rendered and how.
  • Optionally, you can set whether the more accurate aspects in the horoscope should be drawn with a thicker line than the less accurate ones.
  • The display of decan rulers can be turned on or off.
  • The program allows smooth animations of the native horoscope.
  • The calculation of the positions of additional asteroids has been added (the program now counts 26 asteroids in total).
  • The calculation of the position of the White Moon (Selene) has been added.
  • Any object (planet, asteroid, arabian parts, starts, etc.) can now be added to (or removed from) the horoscope.
  • Added the ability to calculate a simplified horoscope when the time of birth is unknown.
  • Most outputs from the program (tables, interpretations) can be directly exported to PDF (or other formats such as xls, rtf, txt, jpg).
  • A picture of the horoscope can be added to the horoscope interpretation listing.
  • New locations can now be easily entered using the integrated map (Google Maps) - all the necessary data is transferred with one click.
  • The entry of daylight saving times and other time changes has also been greatly simplified.
  • Daylight saving time has been added for all EU countries until 2021.
  • The database of states has been updated to include various overseas territories, autonomous regions, etc.

News version 3.0 of October 15, 2010:
  • A Tibetan-Chinese horoscope has been added.
  • The dates of any life events (marriage, divorce, accident, etc.) can be stored for persons in the database, which can then be displayed in the transit horoscope.
  • The rulers of the decans were added to the horoscope drawing.
  • ... etc.

News version 2.0 of August 29, 2001:
  • Interactive full-screen display of the horoscope with the option to rotate it along either the Aries-Libra or Asc-DSC axis.
  • The calculation of transits with interpretations has been added.
  • Calculation of secondary directions has been added.
  • Calculation of solar, lunar and planetary revolutions has been added.
  • Calculation of ingresses and horoscope of lunar phases has been added.
  • A database of daylight saving times and other time changes for all European countries has been added.
  • ... etc.

Sometime during 1999, version 1.0 was created, but I don't remember the exact date. It was so long ago ....