Sky Calendar

Sky Calendar, version 4.9
Astrology software for Windows and Mac

Designed for:
Windows 8.1, 10 or 11
MacOS versions 10.13 to 10.15 (i.e. High Sierra, Mojave or Catalina)
License: shareware (it means at first download, install, try and if you like it, pay)

The main features of Sky Calendar:

Natal, tranzit/forecast and synastry/relationship charts
Calculations for the years 1 to 3000
Secondary directions and many kinds of revolution (solar, lunar, soli-lunar and revolutions of planets)
Position of fixed stars, sensitive points, Vertex, Lilith (Black Moon), White Moon and up to 26 asteroids
Natal/radix horoscope readings (open astrological interpretation database for many kinds of interpretations, so you can fill your own texts)
Tibet-Chinese horoscope
Transits for time period
Women fertile days calculation (Lunar fertility cycle) - with help of an original method discovered by Slovak medical doctor Dr. Eugen Jonas - read more about this method
Constellation search
Basic numerology with readings
Celtic tree horoscope
Sabian and Hinduistic (Sepharial) symbols interpetation of zodiacal degrees
Summer daylight savings database for most of European countries (data for other countries can be added)
... and others


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